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Let’s be honest. How often to you get out a ladder and the required safety equipment to inspect your properties roof and gutters? Not very often if ever? Even if you do occasionally run your eye over your roof and gutters do you actually know what you are looking for?

We cannot stress the importance of carrying out a comprehensive roof and gutter inspections, as well as roof and gutter cleans at least annually if not bi-annually.

Carrying out an inspection of your roof and gutters prior to storm season, typically between August – October, to ensure your roof is defect free and will be in a position to cope with the heavy rain falls that we experience in South East Queensland will bring you piece of mind when the rain starts falling. We also recommend carrying out an inspection after storm season, typically between March – May to ensure your roof hasn’t sustained damage throughout the storm season period.

The vast majority of insurance companies will refuse to cover you if it is determined that a leak has occurred as a result of a lack of maintenance to your roof or gutters, meaning you will be personally responsible for carrying out the required repairs as well as replacing any damaged items. A simple clean out of your roof, gutters, valleys could potentially save you thousands of dollars and an untold amount of stress and worry.

In recent years we have seen a large number of our commercial clients be proactive and follow our advice in carrying out a Roof Inspection and Roof & Gutter clean twice a year to ensure their tenants are not negatively impacted come storm season. This has lead to countless repairs to roofs & gutters that unsuspecting landlords/owners, tenants, property managers, body corporate managers & facilities managers otherwise thought were leak free and in sound condition.

We are pleased to see that residential owners are now beginning to follow suit and make sure they are protected when the storms begin to roll in.

What you can expect when engaging QLD Roof Solutions to complete a Roof Inspections and Roof & Gutter clean at your property:

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